Dylan Herkes

D. Thomas Herkes (Tainui, Ngati Haua) was born in Pahiatua in 1979. He attended Whanganui Quay School of the Arts and Canterbury University School of Fine Arts where he majored in Film. Herkes works mainly in graphic design, audio and film. He is interested in out-dated media formats, constructed environments and supernatural phenomena. Herkes is also known for managing the surf guitarist Tape Man and his record company Stink Magnetic. In 2005 Herkes was acknowledged by the New Zealand Film Archive for making New Zealand’s first Werewolf Film, ‘Weekend Werewolf – Or How I Became a Homicidal Hot-Dog’. He likes movies and walks on the beach.

As part of AAAH2018 Dylan Herkes collaborated with Golden Gate Takeaways to produce The Takeaway of the Gods as part of AAAH2018’s public art project Eat My Culture.

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Dylan Herkes -  Planet of the Tapes

Dylan Herkes - Planet of the Tapes