Eat My Culture

Simon Kaan,  Paua and Chopsticks,  2018

Simon Kaan, Paua and Chopsticks, 2018

Eat My Culture was a AAAH2018 public art project that aimed to make visible the nuances of cultural relationships by partnering New Zealand artists of Asian, Pasifika and Māori descent with Asian restaurants and takeaways in Central Wellington.

As an exploration of local identity, it also highlighted differences and commonalities mediated by food and exchange. Food is essential to the preservation of culture. It sustains us and brings us together. Beyond its commercial purpose, the Asian restaurant presents an opportunity to communicate (and for customers to access) a spectrum of intangible traditions, histories and cultural customs on offer.

Eat My Culture presented the following collaborations:

  1. Simon Kaan with Big Thumb Chinese Restaurant

  2. Dylan Herkes with Golden Gate Takeaways 

  3. Salome Tanuvasa with Grand Century 

  4. Bhavesh Buthadia and Abhi Topiwala with Great India

  5. Steven Qian at Ozeki Restaurant

  6. Madelin Cheng with Regal Chinese Restaurant 

  7. Ross Liew (Oscar Low) with R & S Satay Noodle House

AAAH2018 Eat My Culture Map

Eat My Culture Map, Deigned by Kelsey Gee