Yueyun Song

Yueyun Song grew up in China, and started to practice traditional Chinese landscape brush painting in 1989 when she was four. She trained professionally in artistic theory and painting at a high school attached to LuXun Academy of Fine Arts. Her path then followed the call of industrial design at Guagnzhou Academy of Fine Arts and continued in the Master of Engineering programme at Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University of Fine Art. Yueyun later completed her Master of Fine Arts in design, at Massey University, Wellington.

Previously a product designer in Guangzhou, China, Yueyun has expertise in design, design strategy and product development, refinement and collaboration through her extensive experience in the Chinese manufacturing and mass production industry. Designs Yueyun was involved with include office chairs and seating, redesign of traditional Chinese furniture, houseware, and watches, most of which were mass-produced and are still on sale in China or overseas. Yueyun is now a designer and lecturer at Massey University, in Wellington, where her work focuses on ways to develop the relationship between user and product by facilitating an emotional attachment to the product. She still paints, but also uses ink in other ways.

Yueyun was part of the Organising Team for AAAH2018. Alongside Georgiana Morison, Yueyun co-curated AAAhui2018 @ The Engine Room, an art exhibition hosted by Massey University.

Yueyun also co-led Master Class #1: Shaping Ink alongside Stan Chan, a workshop that addressed ink, as used in Chinese traditional painting, and also explored different ways that people can take the art of shaping ink, hosted by Massey University.

Yueyun Song  -  Standing Liquid   Food Grade Silicone Rubber ( 11cm x 11cm x 20cm)

Yueyun Song - Standing Liquid Food Grade Silicone Rubber (11cm x 11cm x 20cm)