Peng Jiheng

Peng Jiheng (b. 1994, China) is studying at Elam School of Fine Arts and practicing in both China and New Zealand. Peng is interested in the relationship between Chinese and Western culture in the era of globalisation and the internet; he also questions if it could go beyond the political context. Peng is influenced by minimalism, post-colonialism and post-internet art. His core practice is about the creation and deconstruction of symbol, language and cultural representation in different social context. As a multi-media artist, technology has always been an important part of Peng’s practice, with digital and physical methods of manipulation, he explores his concepts without the constraint of medium. In 2018, Peng undertook a Red Gate International Artist Residency in Beijing.

As part of AAAH2018, Peng Jiheng presented work in a temple, a commons, and a cave an art exhibition hosted by MEANWHILE gallery.

Jiheng Peng - Meanwhile.jpg