Helen Yeung

Helen Yeung is a Hong Kong-Chinese writer, feminist and zine-maker based in Auckland. Inspired by the work of Shakti Youth and Mellow Yellow, she founded Migrant Zine Collective last year in 2017, with the aim to amplify, celebrate and share the voices of migrants in Aotearoa New Zealand. She has collated two issues of Mellow Yellow and released her own zines under the name "GEN M", short for generation migrant, which showcases the local experiences of migrants through their individual artwork and writing. Earlier this year, Helen also released a zine named "Musubi: An Exploration of Gender in Hong Kong", which was a product of the zine-workshop she hosted while visiting the country.

With an academic background in Politics and International Relations, specialising in political activism and grassroots movements, Helen aspires to use her knowledge to bring critical issues such as identity, representation and equality, in an accessible manner to marginalised communities. In addition to this, she hopes to create new spaces where people of colour can share and showcase their creative work. 

For AAAH2018 Helen Yeung hosted two zine making workshops as part of Realign the Margins: AAAH2018 Zine Club - a DIY cut-n-paste, writing, drawing and self-publishing studio held on-site at Massey University Library.

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